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One Journey CD

One Journey CD

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This is NOT a digital product. You can download songs from Apple Music.

Composer: Ryan Stewart.

Mixer: Ryan Stewart.

Mastering Engineer: Bob Olhsson.

Format: Audio CD.

Packaging: Eco-Wallet.

Type of Music: Instrumental and Solo Piano.

Released ©2014

Michael's Favorite (2014) at

Kathy's Favorite (2015) at

"One Journey begins with “When We Met,” a light yet passionate and nostalgic look back to a very special moment. A graceful piano solo, it will immediately draw you in and make you wonder if the rest of the album is this good - it is! ~ Kathy Parsons - See full review here

"Full of delicate yet obvious melodies that have a tinge of classical flavors One Journey is instantaneously pleasurable" ~ Michael Debbage - See full review here

"While it's easy to get lost in Ryan's beautifully evocative piano melodies, the album also reveals his talents as an arranger and composer. He has a discerning ear for how and when to add accompaniment. And his compositions reflect a wide range of emotional expression that is born of real life experience."  ~ Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus - See full review here.

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