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Celtic Spell CD

Celtic Spell CD

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This is NOT a digital product. You can download songs from Apple Music.

Composed, performed, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Stewart.

Recorded by Ryan Stewart, Guy Randall, and Christopher Meraz-Mata

Recorded at Rosewood Recording (Utah, USA) and Studio Aix Engineering (Aix en Provence, France)

Format: Audio CD

Packaging: Eco-Wallet

Type of Music: Instrumental and Solo Piano

Released ©2023

"I continue to be absolutely floored by this artist's talent and heartfelt passion. Every song is unique and original unlike so many other new age songs I hear. I can't say that this album is only a new age album. It is a mix of classical harmonies, thematic melodies, and modern harmonies. The melodies and voicing are balanced and done very well. There is an array of 13 songs having solo piano, piano with light orchestra, and two orchestral songs without any piano. I'm glad the artist did this as it adds an extra dimension to my listening journey. All in all, the whole album is a creative journey of relaxation and peace. I'm glad to see that Ryan Stewart has released another amazing work. Thanks Ryan!" ~Amazon Purchase

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