At heart, Utah born musician Ryan Stewart has always been a true storyteller, giving a melodic voice to stories and fantasy through music. With over 750 million lifetime streams, he continues to reach new listeners worldwide. 

Classifiable by several genres such as Celtic, New Age, Classical, and Solo Piano, Ryan is most notably a contemporary instrumental composer and performer. When listening to Stewart’s music, audiences find themselves easily immersed inside a world full of lush instrumentals and harmonious imagination. 

Aside from his solo work, Stewart enjoys collaborating with other musicians and artists alike, some noteworthy names being Stephen S. Nelson of The Piano Guys, Paul Cardall, Jennifer Thomas and his own daughter Ardy. 

From a very young age, Stewart has always been fascinated by science and the philosophy of life and nature. He spent his childhood chasing butterflies and practicing the piano. He often credits his knowledge, skill, and passion for the instrument to his mother and mentor, Ardith Stewart, who was also a classically trained pianist. His perception of the world and music was forever impacted by her passing of breast cancer when he was only 13 years old. It is clear that her inspiration and legacy lives on through him and his art, which is always full of love and deep thoughtfulness, much like that of his mother. 

Having lost her at such a young age caused a cataclysm of faith, inner turmoil, and painful introspection within for many long years afterwards. When Ryan was 19 years old, hopelessness turned into happiness when he met the love of his life and future spouse, Cindy Stewart. Soon after their meeting, the two embarked on a new thrilling adventure and moved across the world to Taiwan. This sparked an already growing love and curiosity for travel, languages, and new cultures. Through Cindy’s new job at Continental Airlines, Ryan was able to see new parts of the world and begin writing the first glimpses of what would soon become the fantastical records he has created today. After many years of travel, the two settled down and started the family that Ryan cherishes, giving birth to three children of their own. 

In 2008, he released his first full length album, ‘Equanimity’, which marked the beginning to a lifelong professional career in music. The years following prepared him for the release of his sophomore record ‘In The Dreaming Hour’ and then his third and fourth records, ‘One Journey’ and ‘Memories: Best of Solo Piano’. Finally, in 2015, Ryan decided to take a leap of faith and quit a stable profession in computer programming to pursue his dream of supporting his family through working on music full time. 

The risk paid off, and Stewart was able to move his family to the peaceful French countryside in 2016 to focus on writing new work and to expand his knowledge of new cultures, religions, and languages. This move inspired the release of his most recent album, ‘Celtic Spell’ in 2023. 

Above all, Ryan is tender at heart with an unwavering passion for philosophy, life, nature, and family; all which is evident in his artistry. The haunting and expressive essence of his work is sure to encapsulate you on your journey. No matter where you are from or where you are going, you will be sure to find something you connect with on your way among the calm and creative world that is Ryan Stewart’s music.